sunnuntai 2. kesäkuuta 2013

Finnish Handcrafters Team Giveaway!

Tässäpä mahdollisuus voittaa muikea määrä ihania, suomalaisia tuotteita! :)

Finland, known for its deep clean forests and waters, midight sun and crisp winters has been an inspiration for many wholesome brands over the decennia. Marimekko, Arabia, Iittala, Pentik and Artek have all sprung from here and they have all drawn inspiration from the same source, nature.

Finland Handcrafters Team is a growing group of Artisans that live in Finland and sell on Etsy. We too have felt the same presence in our creative process and with this giveaway we wish to show how it has manifested itself in our work. Participate in this giveaway and get a chance to receive a part of Finland, handmade for you from 11 different upcoming Finnish talents. The value of the giveaway is approx. 230 euros.

    Rules of the Giveaway

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  2. Like all participating shops pages
  3. Share the giveaway on your wall

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